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Bloomsbury Ethos

Relationships are at the heart of all learning.

At Bloomsbury we are committed to working together to ensure that everyone feels welcome, safe, respected, included and valued.

Our values underpin our practice. We believe that quality early years care and education is about developing strong, curious, confident children.

It is about extending their joy, fascination and wonder at the world around them, about developing concentration, commitment and deep involvement. Encouraging them to reach for the stars!

At a recent Staff Development Day in November 2020,  our team of Educators reflected on our vision/intention. We  considered our whole school community.

We intend/want our children to be: Joyful, happy, engaged, confident, empathetic, persistent, to have self-belief, to know their rights, to feel valued and cared for, to develop good listening and attention skills, to be curious, demonstrate wonder, take risks, accept challenges, ask for help and develop resilience feel like nursery is a second home, to grow and thrive, to feel valued and respected, to be listened to, to have fun, to have the opportunity to be creative, to be challenged, to feel secure and comfortable, to receive early intervention, to have a good routine, to feel safe, to be protected, feel free, develop friendships, We want our children to reach for the stars.To be ready for their transition to school.

We intend/want our staff to be: Listened to, supported, valued, respected, have acces to training opportunities,to continue to develop knowledge and expertise, appreciated, praised, not to feel undermined, to work as a team, to communicate with one another, to support one anothers emotional wellbeing, to develop positive relationships, to be happy.

We intend/want our families to be:Included,to be welcomed,  listened to,involved,to be respectful,  to know their children are safe and happy, to feel like we are a safety net, to  be  informed on all aspects of their childs learning, respected, feel confident to approach and ask questions, to be offered support ( ESOL/Family Support)  , to support us by respecting timekeeping etc, to be our partners.